I feel Web 2.0 is very important in learning. As the world is changing the world becoming smaller and we need to teach our students how to navigate that world. The web in changing and classrooms are changing. The first example I can think of is the Promethean Boards, this is an interactive way of learning and truly keeps the students engaged. Students will soon be making their own flip charts in school. They may even have boards at their homes on day! Another way we use the web is for practice. For example, I use dance mat typing and aaa math with my students. I use these two website for students to practice typing skills and math skills. As I send home their handwriting packets I think, how much will these students be writing? Maybe a grocery list, or a signature. But even a grocery list may be on a Blackberry and our signatures may become thumb prints! If we can connect the students around the world, how cool it would be for a student to hear from another student in China about Chinese New Year as opposed to reading about it in a book or looking at pictures.


I think the most difficult task for me will be accepting responsibility for your own learning. My husband is techie and I know several other people who could help me. I think I need to take initiative to do things on my own. There are many tutorials on the web and just trying things I think I can figure things out. I think the easiest for me will be to teach others. Once I know how to do something I like helping others. I guess that is why I am a teacher. I think teaching helps reinforce the skills so I can remember how to do things. I think it will be important for me to have confidence in myself as I learner because that confidence will help me do things on my own and not depend on others to help me.

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I agree with dy/dan because I wonder who is doing the homework, the student or mom or dad. I teach dual language and when assigned homework in Spanish and received a flood of emails because the parents could not help their children with the homework. Well, they shouldn’t be! The children should be able to do the homework themselves.
I believe there is a value to the practice done outside of school but it should be done by the student not the parents!!

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